27 Sep
The Ren Bryce Profile

The Ren Bryce Profile

Special Agent Ren Bryce

Ren Bryce was voted ‘Most Likely To Kill or Maim’ in her unofficial high school yearbook. She was also voted ‘Most Likely To Hug a Stranger’ and ‘Most Likely to Marry Kurt Cobain’. The book is now safe in her attic in a giant box of memories of thirty-seven years lived wildly. The school-sanctioned yearbook, the one that describes her as ‘Most Likely to Succeed’, was thrown into the bottom of a Catskill, NY lake during a graduation night of drinking and skinny-dipping – practices she continues to hold dear.

Before the decade was out, Ren Bryce had become Special Agent Ren Bryce, the youngest FBI agent to go under deep cover and blow apart an organized crime operation. But it all came to a disastrous, fiery end, and Ren was spat out the other side, distraught and angry. She quickly spiralled into a depression that led to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder when she was twenty-six years old. She had never guessed that there was anything wrong with her. Mental illnesses were for the mentally ill. One minute, she was on a career high, the next, she was lying on the sofa, eating junk food, crying, not answering her phone, drinking, obsessing about all the regrets she had in her life, wondering what point there was in doing anything again. Ever.

But, Ren Bryce has always been a fighter. She got the right treatment and was able to return to work under the watchful eye of her bosses, but removed from the high-intensity undercover world.

Seven years later, still fiercely respected by the head of the undercover training program, Ren was hired by him to be part of the Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force, a nine-man, one-woman violent crime squad based in Denver, Colorado, handling robbery, kidnapping, sexual crimes against children, serial killers, and violent fugitives.

Ren’s boss stands by her because she is loyal, she works hard, she is unyielding, she is good. She sees links that no one else does… maybe because of the wiring of a mind with a paranoid bent, maybe just because somewhere in there is a core of clarity.

Ren makes some of her finest breakthroughs when she is manic, takes her greatest risks, makes some of her most spectacular mistakes. She infuriates her tough, but patient boss. When Ren is depressed, we just don’t hear from her.

Ren understands tragedy; her family has been scarred by it. She understands violence; she feels it. What she doesn’t understand is the criminal’s desire to destroy… and her own self-defeating capacity for it.

A serial monogamist, Ren fills the gaps in her relationships with loose-cannon strangers drawn to the excitement of her manic highs. When the high dies down, all Ren wants is to be loved. And, then, to run from it.

Ren Bryce battles, and, most times, she wins. She battles because she knows that there are people like her who are not so lucky. Ren Bryce knows that she is lucky, and she will always fight to stay lucky.