Questions & Answers

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    What made you choose Colorado as the setting for the Ren Bryce novels?


    I was inspired by an NYPD detective who said to me, “Colorado is where people go to disappear”. I was going to send a different character from my first two books there. Instead, I came up with Special Agent Ren Bryce.

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    What sparked your interest in crime writing specifically?


    It was more that I was struck with an idea for an opening scene: a surveillance operation in New York and what, at first, appears to be the successful resolution of a child abduction. It was so vivid to me, it still is, and I just felt compelled to write it. I thought it would be a screenplay, but once I had written it, I knew it would be a novel. I’ve been reading crime ever since I was fourteen, so it was no surprise that I would have criminal intent…

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    What’s your favourite film/TV show?


    Film is a big love of mine. To narrow it down to a few films is tricky. In no particular order: The Godfather, Gladiator, Silence of The Lambs, Betty Blue, Rear Window, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Lord of The Rings trilogy, Team America, Fargo, La Haine, Donnie Darko, Jaws, Let The Right One In, Apocalypse Now, Elf, The Sixth Sense, Beauty and the Beast, Alien, Toy Story. I absolutely loved the new Skyfall.
    TV Shows – The Good Wife, Homeland, Love/Hate (a superb Irish gangland drama), Modern Family, Borgen (the Danish political drama), American Horror Story, Veep. Engrenages (Spiral), an outstanding French crime series. I am still mourning House.