Questions & Answers

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    How did you make your contacts in the FBI, and how forthcoming are they about how the Bureau works?

    I was having a chat with a wonderful crime writer and happened to say that I really needed to speak with an FBI agent for my next novel, which would have been the first in the Ren Bryce series – Blood Runs Cold. He had a contact in the FBI, who kindly passed on his number. After that it all went through official channels, which surprised me, because I didn’t think I would get that access.
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    If your book was turned into a movie, who would play Ren?


    Eva Mendes is borderline too good-looking. But that shouldn’t stop her…

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    What kind of research do you do?

    I read – books, reports, studies, online articles. If there are documentaries on the subject, I’ll watch them. I spend time in the places I write about. But, the most important part of my research is talking to the experts in the field. I may come across their name in a report or in a book, and then I will approach them to help me with my research. I run the plot by them, and ask more questions than a person should ever be asked. Luckily, the generosity of all these experts has been wonderful.